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Packing in cardboard box with a little bit of flower designs is suitable for display in supermarkets.

In the field of beverage packaging industry, must first, consumers are looking forward to you; personalized packaging design, if possible, add some auxiliary functions; secondly, more and more environmentally conscious beverage consumers, constantly striving for compatible production methods of resource saving packaging container using environment. Packaging industry is using new packaging strategies and efficient production equipment to achieve this balance.

It is not enough to bring a bottle of red wine, sparkling water or other gifts to visit friends. The latest trends in gift packaging involve the use of new materials and decorations to express congratulations or inspiring. In the segment market of enterprise development, folding carton packaging boxes, wooden box, basket, decorative items and paper bags, gifts to impress. The wine bottle is placed in a gift box with a real wood feel and appearance, or the packaging is provided with a curious function, such as a miniature lampshade, which can be used for conveniently converting an empty bottle into a decorative desk lamp. As far as gift wrapping is concerned, uniqueness and diversity are equally important.

Suitable for the packaging market trends are obviously in the beverage market: the standard bottles sold Wine and beer has been difficult to arouse inspiration, therefore, in alcoholic beverages, mixed drinks and flavored beverages, the decorative packaging bottle. The application of this packaging bottle is now very extensive, consumers can choose. Any want to attract consumers like manufacturers, must have a look can only highlight the product. People increasingly emphasize packaging aesthetics, therefore, more and more emphasis on emotional factors, in terms of product consumption, this becomes more and more important. In a complex world, this trend is more adaptive, because if the decision is not rational, but emotional, it can save a lot of time.” Andreas Steinle, a think-tank based on trends and future research, “future research institute” (the Zukunftsinstitut).

Top trends: personalization and differentiation

First, for example, in order to highlight the uniqueness of its products, Danone Evian Mineral Water company’s made great efforts. For prestigious plastic packaging bottles, the company explored the new Nature Multi Pack technology, which is a packaging innovation. By using a special adhesive to connect a single PET packaging bottle together, the connecting method enables the packaging bottles to be positioned individually, and can be conveniently and conveniently separated from other packaging bottles after the invention.

In the design field, but also the extraordinary Danone company practices. Since 2008, the company issued by the famous Evian fashion designer nine limited edition bottles of mineral water. In 2016, American women’s designer Alexander Wang bar code as a packaging theme, in the glass packaging bottle with black and white stripes bar code. Between the stripes and the pure design space is intended for the expression of natural pure evian. However, personalized and differentiated not only highly favored brand in the high-end market, in order to meet the needs of small family, beverage manufacturers are increasingly using smaller 0.5 litre Recyclable bottles of mineral water and beverage marketing.

Despite these advantages, extravagant packaging has their drawbacks. The greater the personalization and complexity, the more complex and expensive the production will be. Higher production costs will eventually be passed on to consumers at higher prices, and consumer activists often criticize it. What is more, the complex production methods and disposable packaging bottles will increase the environmental burden. In order to minimize this impact, some countries have in some cases formulated the objective of recycling packaging bottles. Germany, for example, wants to achieve a 80% recycling rate, although since 2004, the packaging bottle recycling rate has been reduced from 2/3 to 45%. At the same time, the rate of waste generated by one-way beverage packaging has increased by 30% since then. According to current statistics from the German federal government, in 2014, packaging consumption increased from about 465 thousand tons to about 600 thousand tons. Retailers and manufacturers is considered to make t
he disposable packing bottle the prosperity of the initiator of evil. Especially in the field of mineral water, beverage market and supermarket price war is staged; however, special offer is only applicable to disposable packing bottle, for collecting, cleaning and re filling plastic bottles to process high cost.

Demand for efficient packaging technology
KHS in Dortmund also said that the innovative potential of production equipment has not all played out. Since 2007, Mineralbrunnen Teinach has been usingKHS’s stretch blow molding machine Inno PET Blomax series III production of PET bottles. In order to reduce the energy consumption of the production line, KHS company experts modify the machine heater box, PET packaging bottle blank in the heater box for subsequent stretch blow molding process heating.
Carton packagingKHS company engineering department head FrankGoebel said, the Mineralbrunnen Teinach company, this upgrade can save 40% of energy; can save much energy, mainly because of the use of a new advanced ceramic reflector and heater box with precise adaptive geometry. Due to the special structural design, the physical properties of ceramic elements have a significant impact on the energy distribution, so the energy needed to heat the preform is reduced. In addition, the reflector and the infrared radiator of conPhotod processing, the packaging bottle with delicate thread without extra heating. Goebel said cooling for the area could also be reduced, thus further saving energy. Because the efficiency is higher, therefore, often can shorten the heating time.” He added. If the number of heating elements needed in heating furnace to reduce the consumption of energy, the infrared radiator wascorrespondingly reduced.

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